Own the Metaverse

Backed by a metaverse treasury, $STAR is your ticket to earn from the rocketship growth of the crypto-gaming economy

What is $STAR?

Each $STAR token is backed by a growing treasury of assets (NFTs, digital land, game items, etc) and the cashflow produced from deploying these assets in the metaverse.

Minting $STAR gives you a discount
Staking $STAR will pay APY
Total $STAR staked
Monthly Revenue
Treasury Balance
Current APY

Current Growth

Starship Guild has meteoric growth. $STAR is your ticket to the moon 🌕

July 2021
Launched Guild
Dec 2021
Reached  2,200 Scholars
Feb 10th, 2022
$STAR token launched

Growth Strategy

There’s four basic arms to the Starship Guild growth strategy that powers returns to every $STAR holder as we shape and win in the metaverse over the next decade


People making life changing money. Players from around the globe who don’t have enough money to get started in P2E can apply for a scholarship with us where we’ll take them through our incessantly improving meta busting bootcamp and equip them with the best assets to succeed. In exchange, we do a simple revenue share on scholar earnings.


Build the railways the gaming economy will run on. Much like Amazon had to build AWS to support itself and shared it with other companies (becoming one of the most profitable tools in the world), we’re building software for ourselves in a scalable, modular way that other guilds and managers can leverage to optimize their performance and operations.


Reinvest, own and deploy. With a vast array of assets that can be deployed across a number of games, the $STAR token will be an index of the metaverse and the cashflows that can be derived from it.

Financial Services

Providing financial services to players. The Ronin wallet is many of our gamers' first bank account. We see a lot of demand for broader financial services. There is a huge opportunity to develop into a crypto “SoFi” for developing nation people through the pathway of crypto-gaming.

Our Vision

Two thirds of the world lives for less than $10 per day. Starship Guild is raising the global minimum wage through "Play-To-Earn" Gaming.

We are building the infrastructure through which billions of people will economically thrive and flourish.

Transform your life through play

We empower you with the tools, training, and community you need to succeed as a professional player. Whether it's part-time or full-time, we're here to help you take your game and life to the next level.

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